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Welcome to Birds in Space!

You are Zaalu, and your goal is to avoid the ever encroaching Black Hole! Fly through space toward the Warp Gate, stopping along the way to gather Space-Seeds. You can turn in these seeds at various Bird Stations to upgrade your stats.

Hint: Upgrading your boost also increases your base speed. 

With this Ludum Dare submission, we wanted to emphasize player input and controls while navigating 3D space. We hope that you are able to have fun just flying around and messing with our unique yet basic control system.

Programming: James Tusha (twitter.com/PopDaddyGames)
SFX & Music: Joshua Damian (twitter.com/AtmcType
Art & Models: Anthony Tusha

Game Engine: Unity3D
Models: Blender
Art: Photoshop
Music: Garageband
SFX: Garageband
Code: Visual Studio Code

[Backstory]: If you follow us on Twitter, you may notice that we actually started this project earlier in the week. We put about 7 hours of development time into the core concepts prior to the jam (not knowing what the theme would be) because all three of us had work and real life events we had to partake in over the course of the jam. James did about 50 hours of programming, Anthony about 30 hours of modeling, and Josha bout 20 hours of audio / music 'for this jam'. While we wanted to participate wholly in the jam experience, we simply could not afford the time this particular weekend. We still had a blast, and hope you enjoy what we were able to come up with!

P.S. You can enter a "Cheats" menu by holding "Q" and "W" at the same time. Have fun! :)


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Thought this was a lot of fun, took me awhile to actually figure out what the point of the game was (could have a better onboarding experience) but ultimately had a lot of fun. Clever use of the LD43 theme.