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We really wanted the theme to be floating islands, but ended up building a strange collection game instead. Here you play as a lonely beetle looking for flower petals in this peaceful zen garden. We had a lot of high hopes for this game, but many issues just slowed our progress. We hope you enjoy this mini demo and peaceful world of flying around, exploring; and we’ll see you in four months for the next jam. 

How To Play: Collect as many flower petals as possible and deposit them at the shrine bucket for maximum points. 

Controls: WASD- Move Mouse- Look Space- Jump F- Fly/Walk Mode Q- Ball Mode (currently bugged and not working) J- Restart Game Shift- Running E- Deposit Petals at the Shrine

Lead Programming: James Tusha Art, Music, & Additional Programming: Alex Reyes Sound Design: Joshua Damian

List of Features to Come (hopefully):

  • Import the Rest of Environment Models
  • Ball Mode
  • Full Character Animations
  • Menu and Title Screen
  • Lit up Paper Lanterns
  • Environment Model Scaling
  • Variety of Enemies
  • Flying Goals and Petal Rings
  • Particle Effects
  • Boost Jumps
  • And a lot more!!!!

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