A downloadable game

[URGENT]: The blue gun and the red gun both work! The blue gun is used to give your energy to your turrets as they deplete their ammo. The red gun is used to damage enemies!


This game was made in 72 hours for LD Jam 39. No further work has been accomplished.

Created By: Programming: James Tusha @PopDaddyGames
Art & Music: Alex Reyes @GentooGames
Music & Sound: Josh Damian @AtmcType


  • Left Click to shoot
  • Right Click (or V) to Melee
  • Space to Roll
  • Shift to Bullet-Time. (bugged) 
  • Escape to Pause
  • R to activate Turret
  • E to Change Weapon
  • J (or spacebar) to Restart

Survive in the dungeons for as long as possible, if you pick up large batteries, you can spend them on an automated turret by pressing R near them. Blue Gun shares power with Turrets, Red Gun hurts enemies.

Final Thoughts
 This is our first efforts in game development as a team. In fact, this is our first foray into game development. We had to struggle with learning many brand new tools while designing this game, but were glad to have the opportunity. Because of this, and because of a bit too much time on visuals and not enough on mechanics and content (most definitely due to over scoping) we were unable to 'finish' the game to our vision. There are many bugs to resolve, and a whole boat load of content to deliver. 

Please enjoy our beautiful, stylized game-- we look forward to releasing a full game sometime in the next several months.