A downloadable game for Windows

This is where stars come from.

Astronomers still have much to learn about the deep stretches of the universe. With each passing discover, we learn about even more questions. During a recent cosmos study- astronomers discovered people 'beings' the likes of which we had never previously seen. These beings appear to be locked in an eternal battle of creating and throwing stars, using them to defeat one another in what appear to be endless rounds.

We have sent a reporter to their arena and have them on the show, live: 

Here we stand before their training field, reporting to you live from this sector of space.

Between one of their rounds we asked each of them a few questions about themselves, here are their answers:
  • Red
    • What is your favorite color? -- “Teal.”
    • What are your strengths? --“My arms.”
    • How old are you? --“What.”
    • What do you see in your future? --“I cannot see the future.”
    • What gets you up in the morning? --“Myself.”
  • Blue
    • What is your favorite food? --“What.”
    • Who is your mentor? --“I don’t name meteors.”
    • How would you fire someone? --“With a star.”
    • What is your name? --“OFoubgsO43JBhcyx754”
    • What makes you uncomfortable? -- “These questions.”
  • Green
    • How do you handle failure? -- “Just do not fail.”
    • What is your dream job? -- “I do not dream of jobs.”
    • What is your greatest weakness? -- “Being hit by stars- thrown and stationary stars both cause damage.”
    • Are you an indoor or outdoor person? -- “Here.”
  • Yellow
    • What is your favorite animal? -- “Blue.”
    • Name your favorite thing about yourself? --“That is a strange question but I guess I could name it Bob.”
    • What do you spend your day doing? -- “Training.”
    • What is your greatest fear? -- “Either falling or being hit by stars.”
    • Where have you traveled? -- “Here.”


  • FPS
  • Split Screen
  • 2-4 Players [Local]
  • 14 Game Types (7 Free-For-All + 7 Team)
  • 10 Unique Maps
  • Walk on Walls
  • Family Friendly


  • Stars cause Damage
  • Hearts increase life. You can upgrade stats by turning in stars (some levels)

P.S. You need a controller to play this game!
P.P.S You can walk on stars!

[Coming soon to MacOS & Linux]

Keep your eyes peeled for the next wave of codes that go out!

Thanks for supporting the continued development of Star Tournament, and we hope you fucking love our game!