A downloadable game

[Instructions] Join the default webserver that we are hosting by clicking:  Enable Matchmaker -> Find Internet Match -> Join Match

We will keep this sever hosted to try helping aggregate players. However, you can play this game with multiple people on a local network with their own connections using the local client options. Thanks for checking it out!

In this ‘genre mismatch’, enjoy all the freedoms of a Battle Royale with all of the limitations that come from being a single, lonely, tower– not being able to move anywhere or do ANYTHING!

This was an ambitious project for us because we had not previously tackled networking inside of mobile/pc games. All things considered: we are very happy with the outcome of this game. We are aware that with a little more time we would be able to really build on this idea, and we plan to do so!

Created by  James: Programming, Design, Gameplay Testing Alex: Programming, Art, Music, SFX, Design, Gameplay Testing Developed with: Unity, Sublime, VSCode, Music & SFX: Garageband, Audacity, Oval Synth Art: AssetForge, Unity Shaders Etc Check it out on the LDJam page: https://ldjam.com/events/ludum-dare/41/tobr-tower-offense-battle-royale

Thanks for checking out our latest LDJam submission- we would live to give a special shoutout to our one true fan, the one that kept us going when times got tough: Sebastian, a friend to all... and a bird.